Welcome to Lucky Studio- please ring me for any bookings .

Hi my name is Lucky Rutland I am an artist from New Zealand and have lived in London for over 34 years.

My forte is in sculpture and paint and ceramics. My inspiration stems from Mother Nature and all it’s beautiful forms. I was brought up on farms, so animals and trees have a big influence on my art.I have always been drawn to  magical creatures and fantasy stories ,spiritual teachings.I sculpt from life models and produce drawings and charcoal images. I run an art school entitled ‘Lucky Studio’, which is based north  – London.

I have been teaching Art for 20 years: children and adults, from aged four to eight-five. With the adults I teach ceramic, sculpture,wheel, painting, drawing. It is recommended for Adults to come about 3 times if doing pottery and sculpture,the process is in three stages.If you can only come for one class and then to pick up once your pieces are fired,Then  you can take your pieces home and paint it or spray or pay me to glaze and fired your work of  your choice of glazes and glass colours.

In addition to the above list, the children work in a variety of mediums, including: paper mache, lino cutting, mono printing and collage ,much more.The children do a lot of work in clay and learn all processes.The children can come as drop in also but it is better for longer projects for them to do terms and cheaper.I help a lot of my student through their A levels and GSCE ,they bring in there art books each week and projects and together we come up with ideas and with all the resources that the art school can provide ,large library,printer that prints images from my mobile,clay,and many different materials and mediums they can achieve master pieces.

I love teaching children because their ideas are deeply inspiring. I have an annual kids exhibition .I also exhibit my own work about five times per year.

My studio is in my garage in my back garden and in summer times we do our Art and pottery outside as well..and the wheel.IT is a very relax atmosphere and its about all enjoying yourself while your learning new technics and i am guiding you to make your very own MASTER PEICE !